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A dobsonian telescope is a type of reflecting telescope, dobsonian telescope manufacturers by the American astronomer John Dobson in 1952. The design uses an open steel square tube frame with diagonal support, or trusses, to hold the primary mirror and focuser at the front end of the tube. This style of reflector has become popular among amateur astronomers because it is easy to manufacture and assemble, inexpensive to buy, simple to operate, and can be constructed using commonly found materials. The name “dobsonian” comes from its inventor’s last name plus “ian”, meaning something invented by someone with that last name.

List of dobsonian telescope manufacturers

Dobsonian telescopes are a type of Newtonian telescope. They have a simple design and an easy-to-assemble construction which makes them affordable to own for amateur astronomers. If you’re in the market for one, here is a list of dobsonian telescope manufacturers.

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With a personal computer, you can enter the world of astronomy and explore new mysteries. Celestron is one such company that manufactures telescope for all levels from enthusiasts to professionals in various fields like space exploration research labs who need top notch equipment to catch an elusive glimpse at what’s beyond our atmosphere or anywhere else on Earth.

Astrophotography isn’t just about taking pictures with stars as subjects but also capturing images through other astronomical objects: comets, asteroids etc., which will give viewers breathtaking views they’ve never seen before.

Dobsonian Telescope Manufacturers


The Meade Instruments is a company that manufactures, imports and distributes telescopes. The headquarters are in Watsonville California to support their consumer products but they also sell solar products under the Coronado brand name for people interested in astro sciences or just looking at stars through a telescope.


One of the most prominent constellations on Earth’s southern celestial hemisphere, oran is visible to viewers all across our atmosphere. The brightest stars in this pattern are teal-colored Rigel (Beta Orionis) and red Beteleauxce Alpha Orioamisc they’re both very luminous beings that can often be seen together as one patch of light near 88 Leonis Minoridus – just under Antares which marks its heart..
A Greek mythological figure called Orion appears prominently among these bright points within heaven; you may notice him if your eye sight grants permission


With a dobsonian telescope, you can easily see the moon and planets in detail. You may even be able to observe comets! If you’re interested in building your own Dobsonian telescope or just want to learn more about them, we have all of the information that you need on our website. Check out this blog post for some tips for assembling your new scope from scratch.